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last update: 04.12.2016
number of bags: 911
airlines: 349
countries: 110

welcome to my collection!

On this site, you will find my complete collection of airsickness bags. You can browse the bags in alphabetical order using the menu on the left. If you click on the links below, you can also see my spare bags, list of my donors and pages of other collectors.

All the scans are of my own bags. I collect bags only from airplanes, not from boats, buses, sanitary bags, etc. Any swaps or donations are welcome!

Rules of my collection: As different bags, I recognize: different design, construction font, kind of paper and significant differences in colour. Generic bags are in my collection only with verified origin.

Interested in some of my swaps? Contact me on!




List of all bags which I have at least twice. Contact me to arrange a swap.

Most wanted

most wanted

List of my most wanted bags - inspiration for those who want to make me very happy.

Bag sites

bag sites

Sites of other barfbags collectors over the world.